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Established 20 years ago Falcon Soft Drinks is an independent family-run post mix manufacturer. Our founding directors have been in the draught installation and soft drinks business for over 38 years, and our engineers have a staggering 76 years’ experience between them!


Based in Bedford, Falcon Soft Drinks us one of the fastest growing soft-drinks dispensing companies in the UK, catering to venues within a 50 mile radius, and providing great tasting products at fantastic prices, cheaper than the two major alternatives on the market.

Our clients have a shared passion to attain both quality and value from their soft drinks range. We challenge you to try our products, recognise our service levels understand our suggested retail positioning. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers want and deliver exactly what they need.

Falcon Soft Drinks Ltd has an administrative office and distribution base in Bedford. Please contact us anytime to arrange for sampling, at which time we can assess the viability and technical requirements of your premises.


Cost Effective

Opting for draught dispensing can yield up to 100% better margins when compared to packaged goods. Draught dispensing also requires far less storage space, meaning you don't need to stockpile product, improving cash flow.

Dispense drinks with speed and ease and save transaction and restocking time, allowing your staff to serve more customers, more effectively and more efficiently. No opening bottles, no glass waste and no wasted fridge space!

Environmentally Friendly

Draught dispensing is better for the environment, reducing the use of plastics whilst also cutting down on recycling and waste disposal costs.


Convenient Delivery

We deliver your order at a time that is convenient to you - all we ask is that you meet the minimum order quantity of three boxes.


We maintain your installed Falcon Soft Drinks equipment to ensure your soft drinks are always at their best - also free of charge!

Draught Dispensing Equipment

We supply and install the equipment needed for you to dispense Falcon Soft Drinks products - totally free of charge!

OR hire equipment for special events such as festivals.

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